Spots or Stripes!

March 6, 2020

Wow! Another super busy fun filled week in Reception! Children have thoroughly enjoyed all the rainbow challenges and have worked very hard in a joyful way!

Our focus this week has been on speaking and listening to each other in a respectful way, so our story this week ‘Spots or Stripes? has really helped to build on these skills. It is a tale about a tiger and a leopard who have a ‘squabble’ about whether spots or stripes are better. Unfortunately, this then turns into a fight! This theme led wonderfully into small group discussions, giving individual children the opportunity to offer solutions with reasons as to why other animals have good qualities to make a great leader/King or Queen of the jungle.

In Maths, we have been measuring a crocodile (not a real one of course!) using a variety of objects and then recording our results in a chart. We have also been learning vocabulary associated to weight e.g. heavy, heavier, heaviest and light, lighter, lightest.

‘World Book Day’ was a huge success as children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their favourite books, there was a real buzz in the air with lots of rich vocabulary and very animated story tellers! Thank you for making this possible!

Next Week:

Our Focus: Zoo animals and STEM Week

Text: Zoology (non-fiction) This is a fantastic large encyclopeadia about animals.

Phonics Focus: oo  (book) oo (moon) and ar  (star)

Rainbow Challenges:

Yellow challenge- WALT: To use taught sounds to record the names of the animals I find. Using a map, children locate different hidden animals in the playground and then record their names to show which ones they found.

BLUE CHALLENGE-WALT: To compare two objects by weight. Children have four pictures of scales. They use some balance scales to compare two objects and record what they can see.

Red challenge- WALT: To use mixed materials to make an animal habitat. “What place does your animal like to live in?”

Orange Challenge-Direct input from teacher- Observational drawing. Children have pictures and models of zoo animals.

They look closely at their features and replicate this through drawings.

Extra:      Important Information                                                                                                                                                               

  • Please send your child into class with waterproofs e.g. clearly labelled waterproof bottoms and Wellington boots, this is to remain in school all week for outdoor STEM activities.
  • Thank you to those parents who have very kindly offered to help on our trip to Shepreth Zoo, please ensure you have given permission/paid via Wisepay.
  • Next week, Learning Conversations on Wednesday 11th March. Please collect your child from their class if you wish for them to attend, they can then be taken straight home afterwards unless they are going to Premier at the end of the school day.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Reception Team