Our Online Classroom Begins!

March 23, 2020

We hope you enjoyed your first day of online learning, Reception! Please do email the Enquiries email address if you have any questions about the learning that you would like to ask us!

Tomorrow our learning videos will focus on:

Group Time: We will be reading our non-fiction book ‘Colourful Creatures’, which you can also find on Bug Club. Your task will be to write 3 ‘What Am I?’ facts about an underwater creature like we did for our minibeasts last week.

Phonics: We will be learning about the alternative pronunciation of the ‘ow’ sound as in snow, flow and grow. See if you can challenge yourself to write a sentence that includes one of these words!

Maths: We will be learning about weight and measuring and comparing some different objects. Put your objects in order from lightest to heaviest (and take a photo for Tapestry) and have a go at using some scales and recording the weight of your objects in grams in your red books.

‘Bedtime’ Story: Ms B has a special story to read you at the end of the day that we hope you enjoy!

Rainbow challenges

We had some children rise to the challenge of the Blue Challenge and Purple Challenge today – we’re looking forward to seeing your other challenges tomorrow!

Important Notes

Here are some top tips for parents and children on remote learning from National Online Safety.