Nature Explorers and Outdoor Adventurers: Celebrating STEM Week!

March 12, 2020

We have had a fantastic week engaging in a range of outdoor learning activities, from orienteering, microscope investigations to allotment exploration and planting. So much science, technology, engineering and mathematics has come out of this week and the children have enjoyed connecting with nature.

Our Learning Next Week…

In preparation for our trip to Shepreth, our learning will focus on minibeasts. Our book that we are focusing on is Eric Carle’s classic ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

In Group Learning: We will be learning about the different body parts of minibeasts, exploring some of their different behaviours and using adjectives to describe their different features.

In Phonics: We will be learning the or and ur sound and applying this in a range of words such as fork, corn, torn and turn, blur and hurt.

In Maths: We will be learning about the value of different coins and adding some small amounts together (focusing on 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20p).

Our Rainbow Challenges will be…

Orange: Going on a minibeast hunt, recording what we find and making observations about their features.

Red: To use saltdough to create a range of minibeasts.

Yellow: To create a ‘What am I?’ booklet, writing clues for a hidden minibeast inside the book.

Blue: To ask our friends what their favourite minibeast is and to record this as a tally chart – we are also going to explore transferring this into a bar graph.

Green: To make observational drawings of minibeasts in resin using graphite pencils.

Purple: To collect natural materials and use these to create a bug hotel in our outdoor area.

Important Notices

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Teachers receive weekly notifications as to who is accessing and not accessing these sites and we strongly urge families to make use of these valuable resources to support their children’s learning.

2. Please find attached to this notice a document outlining some Online Smartphone Safety Tips.