Daily Blog: Onward to Thursday 26th of March!

March 25, 2020

We hope you enjoyed your Wednesday learning videos and that they weren’t too messy! We are so grateful to all families for sharing their children’s learning with us. We do however want to emphasise that this is an exceptional situation and there is no expectation that all of these activities have to be completed. We want to stress that you should do what works for your family and fits into your schedules. Above all of this, what is most important is that you are keeping safe and healthy!

Our Learning Activites for Thursday and Friday

  • Welcome Videos: Each class will get their own special welcome video for Thursday and Friday to encourage them to keep challenging themselves in their learning and to celebrate everything they have been doing so far this week.
  • Mystery Reader (Thursday): Today you can watch the special mystery reader video. We hope you enjoy this special story!
  • Rainbow Celebration (Friday): To celebrate that the children have been really challenging themselves in their home learning we have recorded a special rainbow celebration video for you – we hope you enjoy it!

Our Rainbow Challenges

Red: To draw and decorate your own colourful fish. In class we would usually use wax resistant crayons and paint with water colours, but feel free to decorate it in any way you wish. Please keep these so that when you return to school they can be put into our whole class aquarium.

Yellow: To create three ‘What Am I?’ clues for a mystery underwater animal and get someone in your house to guess what animal it is. Make sure your letters are clear, you use a capital letter at the start, finger spaces in between and a full stop at the end.

Blue: To find some objects in your house and put them in order according to their length and weight and explain your choices.

Green: to draw a picture of the view from your window and write a sentence that uses an adjective to describe what you can see.

I can see some lovely flowers and a shining sun.

Purple: to complete a Cosmic Kids Yoga underwater adventure, here are some suggestions (you could do this challenge each day if you like!):

Additional Learning Videos

  • Look out in our daily email for some links to Namaste with Ms Natale and Mr Jackson’s workout video!


We will see you all tomorrow and look forward to seeing your learning shared on Tapestry!