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7 June 2024

Theme Park Fun!

We can’t believe we’re in the last half term of Year 6! This week in Maths, we had a great time finishing designing our own theme parks. This...


24 May 2024

Lights, Cams, Action!

Our cam DT projects have finally come to life! The children have worked hard and shown great perseverance – well done everyone! In Maths, we have loved designing...


17 May 2024

SATs are over!

This week we have completed our SATs! We are extremely proud of our year 6 who have shown determination, perseverance, and dedication in their learning this week. Again,...


10 May 2024

Lightning Speed!

This week, we had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a speed kick challenge, where everyone had three attempts to kick a football as quickly as they...


7 May 2024

BMX Brilliance

This week, we were treated to an amazing BMX session by the inspiring Mike Mullen. We were absolutely blown away by the courage and determination that all the...


26 April 2024

Netball Finals

A very well done to the Year 6 netball team who competed in the South Cambs Shield finals this week. This was a culmination of two tournaments, with...


19 April 2024

Stepping into Dystopia

What a wonderful first week of learning and hard work across Year 6! We started our project on Artificial Intelligence, with Computing and D&T as our Project focuses...


28 March 2024

Happy Easter!

What a half term! It’s been a short one but it’s been jam-packed full of learning and we are so proud of the progress everyone has made. Well...


22 March 2024

Does globalisation make the world a better place?

“Globalisation has changed our cultural experiences in many different aspects. Globalisation nourishes societies with diverse perspectives and traditions and this has helped reduce prejudice over recent years. Globalisation...


15 March 2024

Smart Solutions to Save Space!

This week, we continued focusing on globalisation across the curriculum. In Art lessons with Mrs Smith, we redesigned well-known global brands’ logos by experimenting with different colours for...


8 March 2024

Books and Branding

This week, we were treated to a fantastic assembly by two parents in our school community who published a lovely book this week. We were let in on...


1 March 2024

Taking a global view

We have begun our new Project this week by beginning to examine how interconnected our world truly is. We have explored the global range of goods that we...


16 February 2024

Magical Music and Captivating Characterisation

Well done to Year 6 for another wonderful half term of learning! This week has been Shakespeare Week, and we have been exploring A Midsummer Night’s Dream through active...


9 February 2024

Rebel Writing

What an exciting weeks it’s been! We were so delighted to welcome highly-esteemed poet Matt Goodfellow into school. We have absolutely loved reading his book  ‘The Final Year’...


2 February 2024

We Don’t Like Poetry

….we love it..! This week we have experimented with creating poetry by taking away words from a text (blackout poetry) and adding in our own words into creations...


30 January 2024

Legos Bricus!

This week in English, we started learning about war poetry and examined how important it was so people could express themselves, influence others and use it as a...


19 January 2024

Flashbacks and Fractions

This week in English, we have been writing powerful flashbacks building on all of our learning over the last 2 weeks, where the man in The Piano remembers...


12 January 2024

World War One

This week, we began our new project: World War One. We had a fantastic exploration of some of the underlying causes of the war: militarism, nationalism, imperialism, alliances,...


15 December 2023

Family: it’s in our DNA

Our latest writing project culminated this week, as we published our essays on the ethical questions around DNA research. We were so excited to share with our families...


8 December 2023

Fascinating Fossils!

This week in Science, we examined how fossil records help us to understand evolutionary relationships. We learnt about Mary Anning and created a phylogenetic tree to show how...


1 December 2023

Conquering Long Division!

This week we have been learning about long division. This is one of the most complex things we teach the children in Maths this year, and they have...


24 November 2023

Down Under

This week we learned all about Australia, which will be our focus case study for the rest of the half term for our Project. As part of this,...


16 November 2023

Exceptional Evolution

In English this week, we have continued to learn about Rosalind Franklin and began looking at biographies. We learnt about the features of a biography and began planning...


10 November 2023

An Unsung Hero

In English this week, we have really enjoyed learning about Rosalind Franklin, the unsung hero in the discovery of DNA. Our grammar focus has been on conjunctions and...


3 November 2023


Arts Week in Year 6 has been taken over by all things Firebird. We have acted, drawn, written, danced, listened to and engaged fantastically with the story of...


19 October 2023

Phenomenal Presentations

Well done to Year 6 for a fantastic half term of learning! This week in English, we finished and published our information piece presentations all about the British...


13 October 2023


In PRE this week, the children have been reflecting on the theme of commitment, writing some fantastic creative responses to this theme. In Maths, we have been consolidating...


6 October 2023

Sensational Circulation

This week we have been delving into more detail about the double circulatory system. Year 6 have been reimagining the journey of our blood in many imaginative ways:...


29 September 2023

Enthusiastic Endocrinologists

This week, we continued our Science topic on circulation, nutrition and health with a lesson about diabetes. Mrs Saner has Type 1 Diabetes, and we learnt all about...


22 September 2023


In Science this week, we have been learning about the structure and function of the human heart, taking part in our own heartbeat investigations… Through role play and...


15 September 2023

An intriguing view

This week we have begun studying a curious Shan Tan book, The Viewer – at the moment, we have more questions than answers; we hope to use this intriguing...


30 June 2023

Change is afoot

This week, the majority of Year 6 have had the chance to visit their new secondary schools in preparation for their leap to Year 7 in September. We...


16 June 2023

On The Edge of our Seats…

This week, Year 6 have loved writing spooky stories which have left us teachers on the edge of our seats!! We have been so impressed by the children’s...


9 June 2023

The Start of Summer 2

It’s… our last half-term… ever!!! There is a lot of excitement and apprehension amongst our year 6s. However, we still have 6 fantastic weeks left, with lots of...


26 May 2023

Competitive Coding

Year 6’s recent unit of learning using the Lego Spike Prime coding robots culminated today in an epic battle between the classes. The competition between the nominated teams...


19 May 2023


Now that SATs are over, we have enjoyed getting really stuck into our writing. We have plotted out our dystopian stories, inspired by Mortal Engines, and have started...


12 May 2023

So long to SATS!

IT’S OVER!!! Massive well done to everyone in year 6 who tackled their SATS with such calm and confidence. We are immensely pleased and proud of what you...


5 May 2023

Coronation Celebration

What a marvelous celebration we have had this lunchtime – 700 flag-waving, cup-cake munching, anthem-singing children came together in an event unlike any other at our school  –...


28 April 2023

Out of this world…

We have been very busy over these last two weeks! Most notably, we have been privileged to be able to visit the Institute of Astronomy. Our hosts, Matt...


31 March 2023

Festival of Voices

What a week to end the term! The big event of the term was of course the Festival of Voices, which took place on Tuesday evening. Thank you...


24 March 2023

Regional Finalists

This week the Year 5/6 girls’ football team competed in the regional finals. They performed excellently: losing their first game, drawing their second and winning their final game....


17 March 2023

Super Stars…

In STEM this week, we have really enjoyed learning all about stars and how they are formed… We then created our own telescopes, which, when held to the...


10 March 2023

Save the Snow Leopard!

This week, we continued our maths learning for the half-term by moving on from algebra and progressing into fractions, decimals and percentages. We looked at simplifying calculations like...


3 March 2023

Hockey Heroes

This week, two teams with children from both Year 5 and 6 entered the South Cambs hockey tournaments. There was both a Cup and Plate competition. We came...


24 February 2023

Dark Sky Park

This week, we have been inspired by Philip Gross’ ‘Dark Sky Park’ poems. We have enjoyed performing some of these and creating our own responses to the poems…...


10 February 2023

Dazzling Debates

Incredibly, it’s already half-term. Well done year 6 for a brilliant half-term with lots of learning and plenty of fun. This week, we rounded off our maths learning...


3 February 2023

Unspeakable Trenches

This week we have looked at the poetry of WW1 – Rupert Brooke, Jessie Pope, John Mcrae and Wilfred Owen in particular. We have been focusing on understanding...


27 January 2023

Guess who came to visit?!

This week, we had the privilege of welcoming esteemed and much-loved poet Michael Rosen to school!             In his wonderfully winsome way, Michael...


20 January 2023

Flashbacks and Fractions

It has been another jam-packed week for year 6. We’re now deep into our World War I project, which spans across our English, Guided Reading and History lessons....


13 January 2023

The Piano Flashbacks

This week we have continued studying our new project, WW1. In English, we have been thinking about this poignant video. We have been trying to use different sentence...


19 December 2022

Science Role Models

Last week we had the privilege of being joined by two people with a serious passion for science! The first was one of our UCPS parents, Mr Nag,...


9 December 2022

Hooray for DNA

Well done year 6 for another great week of learning! In Maths, we have been investigating shape, focussing on what makes a regular and irregular shape as well...


2 December 2022

Dib, Dab and DNA

This week, we were treated to a pantomime spectacular from the Dib and Dab company – lots of laughs were had and we are grateful for this festive...


24 November 2022

Divide…and conquer!

This week, our brains have had a good ole’ workout as we have delved into long division. The children have done brilliantly wrapping their heads around a multitude...


18 November 2022

Super Solar Systems

Well done year 6 for another great week of learning! In Maths, we have been investigating efficiency and whether it is more appropriate to employ a mental or...


11 November 2022

Unimaginable Scales

This week we have used a novel material to get our heads around huge distances in space and time: toilet roll! Children explored the vast span of time...


4 November 2022

Retelling Rosalind

This week, Year 6 have begun to look into the history of one of the greatest achievements in science. When people mention the discovery of the structure of...


21 October 2022

Catchy Campaigns

This half term during PHSE, the children have been creating anti-bullying campaigns and presenting their ideas to the class. We were impressed by the children’s ideas, passion and...


14 October 2022

Legacy of the British Empire

Well done year 6 for another great week of learning! We were treated this week to a special visit from University of Cambridge historian Gabriel Glickman, who gave...


7 October 2022


This week, we have been continuing our science learning around life-cycles and reproduction. Our focus has been around how some insects and amphibians completely alter themselves, whilst others...


30 September 2022

Life Cycles of Plants…and Empires

It’s been another wonderful week of learning in Year 6. The children continue to be settling in beautifully and are consistently showing our school values of respect, courage,...


23 September 2022

Week 3 Fun

Well done year 6 for another stellar week of learning. We’re well into the swing of things again now, looking in-depth at place value, multi-clause sentences and rich...


16 September 2022

Journal Time

This week, we have been refining our Maths journaling skills. We worked on a number of tricky challenges; the idea with journaling is that the answer is less...


9 September 2022

Welcome to Year 6

A very big welcome to Year 6! What a wonderful first week it has been. All the children have settled into the year so beautifully and are taking...


8 July 2022


What a wonderful week we have had! In the middle of secondary transition days and Bikeability, we have been delving into all things STEAM related. We started the...


1 July 2022

Brilliant BMX

On Friday, Year 6 children were treated to a wonderful experience with Mike Mullen, professional BMX’er! Even after just a short time with Mike, children were courageous enough...


24 June 2022

Sensational Sportsmanship

This week, Year 6 enjoyed competing in Sports Day. We were so impressed by the children’s sportsmanship, courage and comradery. Here are a few snaps: About half of...


10 June 2022

Quadkids Success

This week, a group of Year 6s (along with some Year 5s) took part in the South Cambs Quadkids Athletics tournament and gave an excellent account of themselves....


27 May 2022

Joyful Jubilee!

What a happy end to our half term. Today, we enjoyed tucking into a beautifully prepared school picnic during our school street party, to honour the service of...


20 May 2022

Rock n’ Stroll

On Wednesday, Year 6 were lucky to be taken on a geological walk through Eddington by Nicola from the Sedgwick museum. We observed the different types of rocks...


13 May 2022

Cool, Calm and Collected

Hooray! SATs are over…and how very impressed we are by how calmly Year 6 have handled this week. They have all been completely amazing and we are so...


6 May 2022

Sunny SATs prep

We think that the best way to prepare for our tests next week is to…relax! We have, of course, been working very hard all through the year –...


29 April 2022

London Life

This week, we had the joy of starting our weekly Art lessons with Mrs Smith, who helped us launch our new topic about London. Inspired by London bridges...


22 April 2022

The course of true love never did run smooth

We returned to school this week and threw ourselves into studying a Midsummer Night’s Dream. We have been getting our heads around the variety of worlds and characters...


25 March 2022

AI: For better or for worse?

What joyful weather this week! We have loved spending time reading together in the sunshine. We have also enjoyed delving further into the world of Artificial Intelligence and...


18 March 2022

Jasper O’Leary

Our Writing Showcase centered on the story of a junk food eating figure. We had many different responses to the task – creative, rhyming poems, like the original...


11 March 2022

What is great leadership?

What a fabulous week of learning, full of rich discussion and debate! We began the week with one of our wonderful Year 6 parents sharing some of the...


4 March 2022

Smart Cities

What could a Smart City offer to you? As part of our thinking about how Artificial Intelligence is, and may yet be, integrated into our lives, we have...


25 February 2022

I, Robot

This week, we have been delighted to introduce the children to our new topic ‘Humanoids’. The children are already loving it. We have had so many juicy discussions...


11 February 2022

Canary Finalists

A mixed team of girls and boys attended the Canary Cup this week – making it all the way to the final! The tournament involved 15 teams and...


4 February 2022

Times Table Rockstars!

Year 6 have loved getting competitive today as we have taken part in a school wide and national competition on the epic Maths platform that is ‘Times Table...


28 January 2022

Super Fractions

We have finished our week of fraction arithmetic with a battle of superheroes! The children have been amazing whilst learning to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and...


21 January 2022

The Life of Alfred Russel Wallace

The children have delved further this week into the extraordinary life of Alfred Russel Wallace. His life is inspiring. His mind was brilliant and his achievements great, yet...


14 January 2022

The Forgotten Man

The theory of evolution through natural selection changed the face of scientific thought in unimaginable ways. But did you know that the theory, often attributed to Charles Darwin...


7 January 2022

The Brave Tin Soldier

To start off the spring term, we have immersed ourselves in the fairy tale world of Hans Christian Andersen. Across the school, every class has been enjoying and...


17 December 2021

Happy Holidays!

Wow—what a week! In English, we learned about a rather fancy-sounding skill called ‘elaborative diacope’ – essentially a repeated phrase—which the children have absolutely loved practicing. They used...


15 December 2021

Online Learning Week 7

Online Learning Week 7


10 December 2021

Marcus Sedgwick Visits

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Marcus Sedgwick, author of Floodland, to our school. He visited virtually, all the way from his writing office in France. The...


3 December 2021

Impossible Choices

This week, we have loved delving into the inner world of Lucas, one of the main characters in ‘The Impossible.’ Faced with impossible choices and moral dilemmas, how...


26 November 2021

Stunning STEM

There were ‘wow’ moments galore this week as we took part in STEM day – exploring the forces involved in catapults and zip lines. Children collaborated excellently and...


19 November 2021

Venerable Volcanoes

This week, we have brought together all that we have been learning about volcanoes into one fabulous information text. The children have LOVED the process and have shown...


12 November 2021

Explosive Executives

Our new team of Learning Street executives have been working hard on making the space wonderful – we have opportunities for Earthquake proofing buildings, research and a charity...


5 November 2021

Sporting Sensations

This week, some of our Year 6s represented UCPS in some fabulous sporting events. Some of our children ended up looking rather fabulous by the end of the...


22 October 2021

Happy Half Term

We have finished this half term by completing our evacuee stories and celebrating outside with a derby match of rounders. Well done to the Year 6 girls who...


15 October 2021

Mystery and Medicine

This week in English, we have been continuing our mystery stories, particularly focusing on what makes a great ending. We are excited to finish publishing our stories next...


8 October 2021

Unseen History Heroes

This week, we were focusing on the untold stories of WW2 – those of the Empire nations who helped in the allied mission towards peace. From the Gurkha...


1 October 2021


This week, we have been learning some key skills of effective action writing. Powerful sentence openers (e.g. ‘In a blur of panic…’) Verbs that create a sense of...


24 September 2021

TastEd and AirRes

In our TastEd sessions we have been focusing on the effect our hearing has on foods – especially crunchy ones! In Polaris, we tested R’s conjecture that it...


17 September 2021

It’s a mystery…

This week has been jam-packed full of learning and the children have continued to settle into their routines brilliantly. In English, we have been focusing on mystery writing...


10 September 2021

Rising Stars

What an excellent start to the week it has been for Antares and Polaris classes. Your children have settled into their new Year 6 roles wonderfully. We have...


9 July 2021

Is it coming home?

It’s coming home What happened this week: We had a good time trying year 9 maths We learnt about The Battle of Troy The Battle of the learning...


1 July 2021

Sports Day and Squash

This week saw some sporting battles as the teams of Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow competed once again for the coveted Sports Day trophy. Sportsmanship and competitive spirit...


25 June 2021

Musical Magic: Arts Week

We have had a wonderful arts week this week spending time on: Rehearsing the song Hajanga with signs Writing our short poems based on a made up word...


21 May 2021

The Great Bunny Escape

The great bunny escape This week we have been focusing on: Successfully saving a bunny  Doing a science experiment on climate change There is a champion in our...


15 May 2021

The Durning Lectures

Mrs Durning challenged us to research and present our very own talk on any subject we liked. We have had an incredible variety of topics and we have...


7 May 2021

Moving Parts

Our poems are finally finished and the animals move with them! We’ve also done lots of moving ourselves by playing lots of games in P.E. Fractions on a...


29 April 2021

Engineering Success

This week we have been working hard on our animal poems and crafting the correct mechanisms to showcase our wonderful writing It’s been really difficult getting the mechanisms...


23 April 2021

Unconventional Animals

“Ugly” animals This week we have been focusing on: Poem making about our unique ugly animals We have been creating our own presentations We also built our own...


16 April 2021

Mean Mysteries

Not mean as in nasty, but the mean average…! We have been solving  Maths problems involving the mean, median, mode and range this week. We’ve been thinking hard...


11 December 2020

Authors, Scientists and Mathematicians!

Hey, this week we have been very busy doing: Finishing our NASA space exploration writing We finished reading Jamie Drake Equation We were authors with our writing We...


4 December 2020

NASA Writing Started

Hi we’re the star journalists and today were back with Nasa news Murder mysteries ( times tables finished ) galactic goo winter Olympics   NASA news This week...


27 November 2020


Hello! Here is our wonderful week: We traveled through the ISS with our English We spoke about anti-bullying We read more of the Jamie Drake equation and made...


13 November 2020

A Flipping Good Week

Hi we’re the star journalists And this week we’re back with Teacher takes a flip Mysterious multiplication Orbiting in outer space Boy eats 2 apples ( Our last...


6 November 2020


Hello! This is what we did this week: We are in the process of reading our new book the Jamie Drake Equation – it talks all about all...


23 October 2020

L.T Shephards scrapbook

Hi we’re the star journalists and we’re back today with: L.T scrapbook Miraculous miles Bandit bar models Delusional drawing Magic midwife And the most heavy rain!!!!! L.t scrapbook...


16 October 2020

Black History and Dentistry

Hi this week we have been very busy doing… Black History! Back in time with our freeze frames Decoding the Zimmerman telegraph Before and After in English An...


9 October 2020

Star Journalists

Hi everyone we’re the new star journalists, and this is this week’s blog: Coming up today is… Boar story finished! Super scientist Mysterious Maths Punchy propaganda Boar story...


2 October 2020

Vitruvian Children

Leonardo da Vinci inspired us to explore the relationship between arm span and height in our Science lesson this week. We measured and plotted onto graphs, and it...


24 September 2020

Breaking the stalemate

From cavalry to automatic weapons, Year 6 have been tracking the development of the gruesome tools of war. We have realised that a lot of the technical developments...


18 September 2020

WW1 Mania

Our week began with a visit to the trenches, as we braved fire and fury to get the historical information we desperately needed – what was it that...


11 September 2020

Constellations and Community

A very warm welcome back to all children, parents and carers of Polaris class. We have spent the week getting to know one another again. This involved an...


10 July 2020

Online Learning w/c 13.07.2020

Welcome to the final week of the UCPSpace Project! We hope you have enjoyed the activities of the past two weeks. Now that you’ve found a fuel source,...


3 July 2020

Online Learning w/c 06.07.2020

Welcome to week 2 of the UCPSpace Project! We hope you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week. This week, the anticipation is building as...


2 July 2020

Transition and Sex Education Resources

Dear parents/carers, Please find below a link to the Parent Presentation on the transition and sex education sessions we will be running in our bubbles over the next...


26 June 2020

Online Learning w/c 29.06.2020

And we have lift-off! This week, the University of Cambridge Primary School is embarking on a three week cross-curricular project. The UCPSpace Project draws on pupils’ English and...


19 June 2020

Online Learning w/c 22.06.2020

This week you will receive a Reading for Pleasure video on Monday; on Tuesday and Thursday you will receive extra-curricular videos follow by a message from the class...


12 June 2020

Online Learning w/c 15.06.2020

This week you will receive a message from the lead online teacher for UKS2 on Monday, explaining the new home learning look from this week. On Tuesday and...


6 June 2020

Home Learning Information 8.6.20

Monday 8.6.20 Maths Find a Rule Video link: here Monday – Hot – Find a Rule Monday – Spicy – Find a Rule Monday – Hot – Answers...


30 May 2020

Home Learning Information 1.6.20

Welcome back – hopefully you had a lovely half term break. Mr Drane will be providing online learning for Year 6 for the next two weeks, before returning...


17 May 2020

Home Learning Information 18.5.20

Monday 18.5.20 English Monday 18.5.20 Maths Monday – Area and Perimeter – Hot/Spicy/Extra Spicy Monday – Area and Perimeter – Answers Extra SCSSP Cricket week challenges Tuesday 19.5.20...


9 May 2020

Home Learning Information 11.5.20

Monday 11th May To mark the day that would have been the beginning of SATs week, here are some silly SATs papers to complete: Silly-SATs—reasoning Silly-SATs—reading If you’d...


2 May 2020

Home Learning Information 4.5.20

Monday 4th May  English  Monday – News Puzzle and Comprehension  First News Full Issue May 1st Maths Quadrilaterals Monday Spicy Quadrilaterals Monday Extra Spicy Tuesday 5th May Maths...


24 April 2020

Home Learning Information 27.4.20

Thumbs up from us for all your great learning – hang in there! Monday 27th April  Maths Monday Video Angles Monday Spicy Angles Monday Extra Spicy English Continue...


18 April 2020

Home Learning Information 20.4.20

Welcome back – I hope you enjoyed the Easter break as best as you could and everyone remains safe and well. The main news is that the structure...


29 March 2020

Home Learning Information 30.3.20

Welcome to your latest week of home learning. With only three days left until the Easter holidays, I wanted to reiterate the message that I have been giving...


23 March 2020

Home Learning Information 23.3.20

Thank you for the 80+ viewings of the Home Learning videos already – hoping that they are not too onerous and are proving useful; please just do what...


20 March 2020

A New Normal

Thank you to all Year 6 parents and children, who have shown such wonderful support to the school over this past week. Dr Biddulph has written a letter...


13 March 2020

STEAM week!

On Monday, key stage 2 were introduced to STE(A)M week! Everyone was given a scrapbook to document their learning this week. We first started off by decorating our...


6 March 2020

The week of wows, winners and wonders!

This week was started by a visit from a robot expert and a few of her robot friends, some of whom were being divas and began to act...


28 February 2020

I, Snowbot!

We started the week with a glance at our new topic, humanoids. The book that we have been focusing on is I, ROBOT by Issac Asimov. In our...


14 February 2020

Brilliant book week

This week was book week and our class collaborated with year 2 robins to work on story lines for our characters. Our class decided on the boy with...


7 February 2020

A very dramatic and mathematic week in Polaris!

This week we started off with some measuring activities to challenge our brains. Dr Biddulph came in and everyone went crazy about measuring his tie which was 53cm...


1 February 2020

Tests, Tag and a Terrific Scientist

This week was a jam packed week full of assessments. Everyone did very well and many members of the Polaris class are aiming for greater depth. Although assessments...


24 January 2020

Hello from INK

Hello, we are the new class journalists, also known as INK. Our responsibility is to write the blog each week! Hope you like it. ‘What is the point...


17 January 2020

Polaris Prefects

Our student leadership team have been presented with their official proud, purple prefect uniforms and have already been carrying out their duties diligently (they may even have a...


10 January 2020

A Playful Start

Happy New Year to all Polaris parents/carers and a warm welcome back. A new year, a new decade and a new topic: the Origin of the Species. And...