Summer, Sharing and Sikhism

Welcome back to the final term of Year 5 at UCPS. We have had a great start to the term, launching our PRE-led topic with a debate about...


Welcome back to the final term of Year 5 at UCPS. We have had a great start to the term, launching our PRE-led topic with a debate about sharing. Some interesting questions arose out of the discussion, which you may wish to discuss further at home:

Are we always obliged to share if someone asks us?

When is it easier/harder to share?

Does sharing count for more if it is with a stranger?

This term we will be engaging in many philosophical discussions similar to the ones carried out this week, inspired by our knowledge and understanding of Sikhism, as well as drawing on personal experiences.

In Guided Reading, we will be learning about Sophia Duleep Singh, a sikh princess who campaigned for women’s suffrage in the 1910s. We will be learning about this important movement as well as meeting the author of the book, Sufiya Ahmed later on in the term.

You can download and pre-read next week’s chapter here. Chapter 4 & 5

In Maths, we have started a unit on angles and geometry. Next week we will be learning about regular and irregular polygons, especially quadrilaterals and their properties. The sheets from this week can be found here. Angles worksheet wk1final

In English, we are using a book called Musical Truth as a stimulus to learn about the Windrush generation. We will be exploring what it may have been like to leave the Caribbean to travel to England through the vehicle of music and poetry.

Next week:

Please remember our school policy to safeguard children in hot weather. This includes:

  • children to wear a sun hat during playtime outside.
  • sun cream applied before school
  •  a small bottle of sun cream brought to school in bag
  • children to bring a full bottle of water to school and fill it up during the day

Year 5 Sustainability Day

On Tuesday 13th June, Year 5 will be off timetable to take part in workshops run in partnership with Cambridge Zero and students from the University of Cambridge. This promises to be an exciting day, building on children’s knowledge of sustainability and helping children to make decisions when planning meals. They will also learn about the carbon cycle, and what we can do to off set carbon emissions in very fun, practical workshops.

Most of this day will be taking place outside. It is therefore essential that children have a hat and hot water bottle as the forecast for next week is hot.

We are also lucky to have Jack’s Gelato serving us ice cream on this day. Please let your class teacher know if you have any allergies so that we can prioritise your choice of flavour on the day, according to your dietary needs.