Mountain Beauty, Moons and More Coding!

Wow! What a fantastic half term it has been in Year 5! We are so proud of how much hard work and progress has been made across the...


Wow! What a fantastic half term it has been in Year 5! We are so proud of how much hard work and progress has been made across the whole year and the previous 6 weeks!

It has been an exciting week in Year 5: we have worked hard on our persuasive writing skills in English as we continued our exploration of sustainable shampoo products. We had a go at writing to ‘Mountain Beauty’, a company that makes products that are not sustainable by using pail oil and plastic packaging!

Thank you so much to Ms Ferriss  for coming today and showing the children some of the sustainable products her company uses. We thought about trying different ways to save plastic and use sustainable palm oil. Ms Ferris had some great suggestions of local events we could check out such as the Histon EcoFest held on Saturday 10th June 

If you would like to find out more about Ms Ferriss’s company, ‘greenblueyou’ please use the weblink below: 

In STEM, we concluded our unit on Outer Space by taking a closer look at the Moon, including explore lunar phases. We had a go at using the information we’d learned to draw diagrams of how the moon changes as it orbits the Earth! If you have a chance, you may wish to visit the National Space Centre to consolidate all that we have learnt. 

In Computing ,we continued to work on our coding project and we have made a lot of progress! From the teachers to the students- there is so much to learn and a lot of fun to be had!

In Maths, we delved into translations of shapes after we completed our arithmetic and reasoning assessments. The worksheet can be downloaded here:

Translation resources

We have also finished reading our Guided Reading book about Noor Inayat Khan, an incredible hero of WW2 who worked with the French Resistance to sabotage and subvert the Nazis in Paris.


Next Term

Next half term, we will be exploring Sikhism as our project! In STEM, we will be looking at Microorganisms and Disease and in Maths, we will begin with a focus on geometry, including angles and shapes. Our Guided Reading book will be written by the same author as this half term’s book, Sufiya Ahmed; it is called My Story: Princess Sophia Duleep Singh. The first two chapters can be found here:



We will continue to have PE next half term on Wednesdays (with Premier) and Thursdays (with the class teacher).

In summer 2, the children will be returning to the Art room for their art lessons with Mrs Smith!


The age of use for WhatsApp is 16+. There has been much concern over the content of some WhatsApp group chats that year 6 children have been involved in and we urge you to be vigilant towards your child’s online activity.

Next half term, the children also have the opportunity to apply to be prefects. Please find a message below detailing more about this exciting challenge:

We are excited to announce that next half-term UCPS will appoint 12 prefects to serve next academic year. 

All Year 5 children are eligible to apply. Further details will be shared on Wednesday 7th June.

Prefects support the smooth operation of our busy school and must embody our school values.

These are some of the qualities we are looking for:



Have a lovely break … one half term to go!

Year 5 Team