Christmas Jumpers and Snowy Scenes!

The penultimate week has been as just as busy as ever with an added sprinkle of snow! In Maths, we have introduced the children to Roman Numerals and...


The penultimate week has been as just as busy as ever with an added sprinkle of snow!

In Maths, we have introduced the children to Roman Numerals and consolidated learning on triangles. To round off the term, the children have completed an end of unit assessment which is here: End of Unit Maths

In English, we have concluded our unit of work inspired by The Impossible by writing newspaper reports about the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. Our grammar focus has been on the use of parentheses using commas, dashes and brackets.

In STEM, our unit of work on climate change has come to an end with a focus on the ways in which we, as individuals and societies, can take steps to mitigate its consequences. We enjoyed looking at some recent innovations and advances including drones that plant trees at scale and a 15 year old who has designed a new battery. The children have written their own action plans setting out how they will reduce their carbon footprint.

Spellings: This week we focused on the following words which all contain the ‘i’ phoneme:

consider    different     interrupt     bicycle     busy     committee    build     continue     immediate

Reading Suggestions

We encourage the children to read a range of books so that they are exposed to different authors, genres, vocabulary and writing styles.

In preparation for the school holidays (a great opportunity to enjoy some extended reading time) we have put together a list of recommended authors and books. We hope it offers some inspiration.

Author Suggestions

You could also have a look at the first group of books UCPS recommends every child should try and read before they leave Year 6!

100 Books To Try And Read Before You Leave Year 6

Home Learning

  • Read for 30 minutes each day
  • Practise times tables for 10 minutes each day
  • Practise and revise year 3-4 and year 5-6 spellings that we have covered this autumn term to ensure they have been transferred from working memory to long term memory.

Please encourage your child to break the words down into syllables and sounds, just as we do in lessons in line with the Sounds-Write model.


There will be no PE in the final week of term. PE kits will be sent home for the holiday. Please ensure they are brought back to school on 5th January 2023.

Mobile Telephones

Only children who have permission to walk home alone may bring a mobile telephone to school. It must be given to the class teacher at the start of each day and will be returned at home time.


Children will not be able to leave school alone unless parents have completed the online form via parentmail.

Children will not be released into the care of unfamiliar adults without prior notification and / or the provision of the child’s unique PIN number.

Notices for Week 8

Term finishes on Wednesday 21st December at 13:30.

Spring term begins on Thursday 5th January.


Wishing you a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2023,

The Year 5 Team