Bill’s New Frock

New week, new frock. For Bill that is, the protagonist of Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine, the classic story about a boy that wakes up one day...


New week, new frock. For Bill that is, the protagonist of Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine, the classic story about a boy that wakes up one day and is given a frilly pink dress to wear by his mum. Nobody at school seems to notice the difference, but Bill sure does. Everybody seems to treat him differently now that they think he’s a girl!

Using this story as our hook, our English lessons this week have been all about exploring stereotypes and how we expect different people to act a certain way because of the way they look. To channel this into our writing, we’ve been making progress in describing a character in the third person. This character of ours is a bit like Bill; they woke up one day and something had changed… They were Dr Biddulph!

In maths, we’ve been continuing our work on fractions. This week we took a dive into writing unit fractions and representing them in different ways. Our favourite lesson was Friday, where we made progress in naming the fractions and also matching them through making our own set of fractions dominoes to play with.

In science, we’ve been continuing our exploration of the skeleton and nutrition topic, this week featuring this full-sized skeleton. Creepy!!! He did help us with our learning though and now we know all about how a skeleton supports our body and helps it function.

Our puppets are coming along very nicely in our Art lessons with Mrs Smith. They now have full faces and heads of hair! We’re all making a historical figure from the past – William Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci have been two of the most popular choices, as well as this fantastic Queen Victoria. We even started to sew their clothes this week!

This week in forest school, one group went with Mrs Khan and learnt how to use bone saws safely in the forest. Wow! We had to pass a safety test before we were allowed to use them. The other group, working with the class teacher, had a selection of creative challenges on a carousel of activities. The most popular seemed to be these forest gardens, made almost entirely of materials from around the forest. One of our favourites has to be this miniature (-ish!) football pitch made by 3 boys from Oak, complete with stands full of fans!

¡Estupendo! Este viernes, el Señor Santos ha visitado todas las clases para enseñar un poco de español. Our Spanish lessons happen every Friday in year 3 when Mr Santos makes his way up the learning street and this week we learnt all about how to ask where somebody lives. Lucky us!

Next Week

In English, we’ll be continuing our exploration of stereotypes and how they affect our thinking along with our sustained grammar focus on writing in the third person.

In maths, our study of fractions continues as we consolidate our understanding of the names of the written fractions



Please remember that next week, all learning interventions on Wednesday have been moved to Thursday.

If you fancy doing something active this weekend, try this SuperMovers dance all about wellbeing:


Wishing you all a restful weekend and hoping for the swift return of Redwood!


Year 3 Team