London’s burning!

We started the week with a little show from the teachers about the Great Fire of London to help us understand the events in 1666. We learned the...


We started the week with a little show from the teachers about the Great Fire of London to help us understand the events in 1666. We learned the song London’s burning to help us bring this event to life.

On Thursday, we all met around the Inner Circle and had a minute of silence for Remembrance Day with the poppy wreaths we made in class.

In English we became storytellers and wrote our own version of the Queen’s Hat using onomatopoeia and time connectives.

English sheets

In Maths we looked at subtraction as difference. We did many investigations and problem-solving activities to explore what finding the difference means.

Maths Sheets Autumn2Week2

In science we transformed into real scientists and followed the scientific method to explore what materials are attracted by magnets. We even had fun creating our own magnetic games!

In phonics we looked at different spellings of the /ow/ sound in words like: loud, proud, town, owl

We started doing guided reading session to develop our fluency. We talked about the importance of reading aloud and of strategies to use when we are unsure of how to read a word: we use our phonics knowledge and say the sounds and read the word to help us. Please can you support us at home by reading daily and encouraging the children to read clearly and with expression. After every chapter or few pages children could stop and summarise what has happened, predict what will come next.

Please find the list of key spellings all children should know by the end of KS1. It would be great if children could continue practising  these at home.

PE focus:

PE: this half-term we are developing our social skills and focusing on jumping and landing. You can practise these using your home Jasmine logins and focusing on the space theme:

Here is a jumping challenge for you to try at home:Home PE Jumping Dice

Next week:

On the 13th November it is World Kindness Day and starting on Monday 15th is Anti-Bullying week. We will be talking about how we all have a role to play to make a kind world through small acts of kindness. We will be focusing on how to spread kindness through words and prevent bullying at our school.  Here are some discussion prompts for you at home:

  1. Can you think of a small act of kindness you have done for somebody else, or that somebody has done for you this week? How did you feel?
  2. Can you imagine a world where everybody chooses to act with kindness? What does this world look like? How do people act? How do people feel?  What do people say?
  3. Read this quote ‘Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world’ – Desmond Tutu. What does Desmond Tutu suggest will change the world? – What would happen if everybody in the world did a small act of kindness where they are? – What small acts of kindness could you do to help create a kinder world?

If you want to explore this further you could join Kids’ Kindness Club. This is a free resource where members receive email newsletter, which include kindness challenges, kind stories, quizzes, competitions.

English: we will be learning about the features of letters and imagining what we would write if we were someone who lived during the Great Fire of London.

Maths: we will continue with subtraction as difference and will apply our knowledge to different contexts including data.

Key information:

  • There is no school on Monday.
  • On the 25th November we will taking part in STEM day. For this we will need lots of cardboard so please could you bring some in if you have any. Cardboard pieces – various sizes (boxes/cereal packets etc)