Run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!

May 20, 2016

This week we have been learning about the story ‘The Gingerbread man.’ At the beginning of the week a crime had been committed, a gingerbread man was found with his leg bitten off in our playground, we spoke about who we thought the culprit might be! We took part in a lot of story telling, using puppets, as well as role playing and baking delicious goodies in our bakery role play area. The children also made their own gingerbread men, weighing out the ingredients and talking about hygiene when it comes to baking. They also in teams collaborated to construct their own gingerbread houses using icing and decorations. We have also been talking about technology we use at school and at home and how we can keep ourselves safe when using the internet.

During literacy we created story boards showing where we thought the gingerbread man might have run away to. We also created our own recipes and wrote them into our very own recipe books. 
In maths we explored addition using two or three single digit numbers, as a class we fixed all of the broken gingerbread men on our maths table and then added together the numbers on each body part to create a number sentence.suhail baker

gingerbread house

making gb

ginger bread making

A lot of you have asked us for the gingerbread recipe so that you can make it at home, you can access it by clicking below.

Gingerbread man recipe

Next Wednesday will be our end of topic banquet, please dress your child in costume to the theme of ‘Fairy Tales.’ If you would like to donate any healthy snacks we would be very grateful. If you home bake any food please provide a list of ingredients so that we can cater for allergies

Due to the lovely weather we were also outside a lot exploring the space. It is getting very warm outside and we intend to explore the outdoors as much as possible whilst the weather lasts so we advise you please provide your child with a named hat. If the weather becomes too hot, only children wearing hats will be allowed in the outdoor area for health and safety reasons.

If you have given permission for your child to have sun screen in school please ensure that it is named and kept in their draw.