June 24, 2016

This week we have been looking at the ‘Paralympics.’ We focused on inclusion and diversity. Some children were blindfolded and their partner needed to instruct around an obstacle course. We also thought about how we could paint without our hands, we experimented with using our toes, elbows and underarms to hold a paintbrush and paint a picture.


‘Painting without using your hands is very tricky!’



We learnt how to play ‘Boccia’ a Paralympic sport for individuals in wheelchairs. We learnt the rules and empathised with those who do not have the use of their limbs.


Playing Boccia, experiencing what it would be like to be a Paralympic athlete.


We read a book called ‘A rainbow of friends’ and discussed what diversity is and how we celebrate our differences, and in maths we have been looking at halving numbers, quantities and shapes.

Halving quantities, using counters to help us.
halving shapes
Finding halves of shapes.



halving quantity
Halving by sharing into two equal groups.


In our role play area inside we created a travel agents, booking holidays and exchanging money for customers. Outside we had an airport so we could then go on the trip we planned.

travel agent
Travel agents working hard to get the customer the best holiday deal! You know where to come to book your next adventure abroad!


We learnt a lot about the different houses people live in around the world and built some of our own out of different materials.

mud hut


lego house















This week the children found out their classes for next year and met the Year One teachers, Miss Brereton and Miss Gallagher. They were all really excited to spend time playing games and having fun with their new classmates, what a great start to this transition!

Thank you to FOCUS for organising a groovy school disco on Tuesday, I am sure you will agree that all of the children enjoyed themselves and boogied the afternoon away!


  • 27th school inset day.
  • 11th July sports day – your child’s colour team will be allocated next week.