On the road to Rio

June 10, 2016

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed your half term!

This week we have started our new topic ‘The Olympics.’ We focused on healthy living and well being, looking at how to eat a balanced diet and the effects of exercise on our bodies. In literacy we created our own posters about how to keep our bodies healthy, we spoke about various different foods and activities that help keep us fit and healthy. In maths we have been exploring weight. We had fun using balance scales to see which fruits and vegetable were the heaviest/lightest. Our athlete of the week was Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world (100m sprint). We looked at his lifestyle choices and running technique. We then replicated his technique in our own 100m races outdoors on the field. The children felt really inspired by Usain Bolt and many wrote him questions which we hope to tweet to the man himself.

olympic torch
We made Olympic torches in our creative area.





Today we were lucky enough to have some visitors fro
m the Cambridge Science Centre, we experimented with sound, electricity, magnetism and we even got to play with a wind tunnel. They also put on a show for us where we learnt about how astronauts survive in space.

space ta;l


  • Please make sure your child has a hat, in line with our policy if they do not have a hat they cannot play outside.
  • We are looking to build up resources in our outdoor area so if you have any bottles or old sheets you could donate then it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Get your tickets for the disco on the 21st of June from a member of the FOCUS team.