Blue Sky Week

July 1, 2016

Blue Sky Week has been a week of art and exploration, we looked at various types of art including the temporary art installation of Alfred Wallis paintings hanging in our dining room. We discussed what we thought art was and came to the conclusion that anything that is created is art. One child lay on the carpet and when they got up a mark had been left on their leg, the child then said ‘look there’s a pattern on my leg, my knee has art on it!’ If you look carefully you can see the art in this picture below.leg art




We created our own art pieces inspired by spices from around the world, aboriginal art and our school.



youssou by youssou
We used crayons to create out own aboriginal art.


We added water to spices to create a scented, textured paint.













We explored some maths through art using coffee filters. We drew patterns onto a dampened coffee filter, waited for them to dry and then cut open the filter to create a symmetrical pattern.

symmetrical art



In groups we explored the school surroundings and used technology to take a photo of something each individual thought was beautiful. We concluded that everybody sees beauty differently. also We wrote poetry inspired by the three Alfred Wallis paintings describing what we could see and how the art made us feel. Below is an example of some of the poems, all of the poems can be found hanging up in each of the classrooms so please come and read them!





We became art critics and looked many different types of art writing about what we liked/didn’t like about each and why.

Pablo Picasso; Weeping Woman ‘ I don’t like it because it looks like her face is cut up.’

Girl with the pearl earring: ‘I like the blue around her head it looks pretty.’

The wave: ‘I like it because the wave looks fun, I like the sea.’


After being inspired by the official opening of the art work ‘We are all under the same sky’ at our school, we decided to go cloud watching. We saw some fantastic things in the clouds including: a dragons head, a lion, butterflies, a running race and a fairy. We brushed up on our painting techniques, learning how to hold a brush correctly and to use a palette to mix colours.


Outdoors we created art using natural materials, we used leaves and sticks as paint brushes and created pictures out of mud.

A group of children working collaboratively to create a muddy masterpiece.



  • Teddy Bear Picnics 5th & 7th July: Any donations of food would be greatly appreciated! Remember to bring along your teddies!
  • 11th July Sports day: You should now know the colour team you are in, if you are not sure ask Miss Tutchener or Mr Crocker.