May 7, 2016

This week we have been learning about the story ‘Aladdin.’ At the beginning of the week a magic carpet and a golden lamp appeared in Reception. We took part in a lot of story telling, using puppets and the puppet theatre as well as creating shadow puppets with torches and our hands. The children also designed their own patterned magic carpets as well as doing some weaving. Many children also wrote three wishes for the Genie to grant.

During literacy we learnt about shape poems. We then wrote our shape poem in role as Aladdin, writing it to the princess Jasmine. In maths we explored concepts of time, exploring how many times we could jump and clap in 30 seconds. We also learnt language relating to distance and measured how far we could jump.

Due to the lovely weather we were also outside a lot exploring the space. It is getting very warm outside and we intend to explore the outdoors as much as possible whilst the weather lasts so we advise you please provide your child with a named hat.


  • Could you please bring in a family photo for us to place on our notice board.
  • If you have any empty spray bottles or soap dispensers please could we have them.
  • Mathletics passwords have been stuck into your child’s reading record for easy access. Please do let us know how you are finding Mathletics


  • Try and read with your child as often as possible.
  • If you have any old soap dispensers we are looking to collect some for our painting resources.
  • Please can children not bring in their toys from home as it has been causing some problems and belongings are getting lost.
  • Junk modelling materials are always welcome.
  • Put your child’s book and reading record in their draw each day