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A Christmas Story

What a nativity filled week it has been it has been in Reception. We have been rehearsing our performance and making our grown ups very proud. This week we have learnt:

– To apply our phonic knowledge in our writing …

I can hear the bells!

This week has been another week of celebrations as we have been trying to help Mr Muddles and Snapples the Crocodile find a partner and prepare for their wedding.

Doing a dance to wedding music from Greece.

We have been:

It’s Carnival time!

What an exciting week it has been in Reception! The Acorns, Pumpkins and Sunflowers have had a really enjoyable week preparing for and joining in with our very own carnival.

Our learning has included:

  • Learning the ‘ck’ and ‘e’ phonemes

It’s Party Time!

We’ve had a fantastic week preparing for the birthdays of Mr Muddles and Snapples the Crocodile. We have been busy writing, wrapping, baking and decorating and have achieved so much in the process.

This week our focuses have been:

  • using

Fizz, bang, pop!

It has been an exciting, firework filled week in Reception! This week we have been busy learning about fireworks and how to stay safe around them. We have also been exploring the sounds they make in our writing. We even …

Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!

What a spooky week it has been! We’ve been making potions, building cauldrons and designing pumpkin faces.

Our focus this week has been:

  • asking questions and giving thoughtful responses
  • finding the number one in our environment and comparing quantities deciding

Happy Half Term!

Our first half term has come to an end, we have settled into our classrooms and have made some great new friends!

This week we have been:

  • Learning about the beauty of Autumn
  • Finding the different signs of this colourful

Books, books and more books – it’s BOOK WEEK!

Book week has come to an end (and a new chapter will begin next week!). We have fully embraced books this week, with many of us sharing our own books from home and even writing our own books… this could …

Sssslither down the snake, round the a-a-apple and down the leaf!

This has been another milestone week for us in Reception. We have wowed our teachers with our appetite for phonics as this week we have started hearing, saying, reading and finally writing letters. This week we have focused on ‘s’ …

Bucket-fillers, whole body listeners and tidy up superstars!

Have you been a bucket filler today? Reception certainly have been, in fact, they’ve been bucket fillers all week long!

Inspired by our story this week, ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids’ children …